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Together with the partners flashtalking and G+J e|MS, Plan.Net Media has developed a new online advertising format which features maximum visibility on all end user devices. With the new "sticky billboard", which is now being presented for the first time on stern.de, the agency fulfils all the relevant requirements of the digital advertising market.

Munich, March 24th 2016 — In the modern digital and especially increasingly mobile age it is becoming more and more difficult for advertisers to appeal to users across multiple devices with relevant and visible content – without disturbing them too much in their natural surfing behaviour. Plan.Net Media has responded to this challenge by developing a new online advertising format which can be delivered to all end user devices and always remains visible without limiting a page's usability. This is presented in cooperation with the media partner G+J e|MS and the ad-serving and technology vendor flashtalking now for the first time in a self-advert in which the agency wishes founding client BMW a happy 100th birthday. The advert can be seen today, 24 March, on all digital (and mobile) homepages of stern.de as well as any time at sp-url.com/demostickybillboard.

The special feature of the so-called sticky billboard: the advert does not disappear after only a fraction of a second due to scrolling out of the view of the user, but sticks at the top of the screen. Thanks to the responsive design, it adapts to all end user devices. Moreover, the advert does not overlay any page content and can be minimised at any time so that only the core message is visible. After five seconds it automatically minimises, although those interested in the advert can expand it again at any time. Anyone who feels disturbed by even the minimised banner can close it completely.

"In order to work, online advertising must not only be relevant but also effectively visible and user-friendly. In addition, it must be able to be perfectly displayed on all end user devices. In order to meet these demands, we have taken the classic billboard, the advertising space, which plays a key role for content and is especially relevant in multi-device campaigns, and transformed it into a new form of advertising. We dedicate this 'world premiere' to our founding client, the BMW Group, for its 100-year anniversary," says Dominik Terruhn, managing director of Plan.Net Media. "In the coming weeks we will expand the format technologically with all the leading marketing partners, and look forward to establishing a new standard in the digital media market."

Responsible for idea and implementation is the Plan.Net Media team headed by Dominik Terruhn with the long-time digital planners and consultants Philipp Bradaric and Sebastian Salis as well as Sebastian Suhre of flashtalking and the ad tech and marketing team of G+J EMS.

About the Plan.Net Group

The Plan.Net Group is the leading digital agency in Germany, and is also among the largest independent digital agencies in Europe and is represented in more than 25 international locations – including, besides Munich, Hamburg and Brussels, for example in Dubai, Milan, Paris, Vienna and Zurich. Founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of the Serviceplan Group, Plan.Net today with its philosophy of "Creating Relevance" covers all facets of digital, interactive and integrated communications - from campaigns, websites, Internet portals and e-dialogue on media buying and planning or content, social and search engine marketing to mobile advertising, including the development of apps for mobile devices worldwide. In total, around 700 people work for clients such as BMW, Lufthansa, IKEA, Media Markt, Consorsbank, Reckitt Benckiser, Weight Watchers and the ZDF. Since July 2014, hmmh has become part of the Plan.Net's constellation. hmmh is one of Germany's leading agencies for digital commerce, offering, in line with its philosophy "consult – create – care", comprehensive advice and support from the idea through software development to complete shop-handling.

Picture: Dominik Terruhn, managing director of Plan.Net Media


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