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Swisscom «Wireless»

The Idea

It used to take a whole lifetime to discover the world. Nowadays you have the world in the palm of your hand: thanks to smartphones.

But very few people use their best features if there’s no reception. Or if the costs for use are unattractively high. Well, this is where Swisscom comes in: thanks to Switzerland’s best network and its unlimited NATEL® infinity plus subscriptions, the operator’s customers can unleash the full potential of their smartphones at anytime and anywhere.

Plan.Net was given the remit of taking this statement precisely where it belongs: into the digital world. With this in mind, the agency designed HTML5 banners and ePanels with their own lavishly produced moving images. Each of the five main features (news, entertainment, mobile data, telephony and roaming) was dramatised with an attention-grabbing mini story. And what’s more, there were several firsts: an open-door format was used for the first time for this campaign on several Swiss portals.

All advertising led to the landing page, also developed by Plan.Net, where users received detailed additional information feature by feature. Interactively, entertainingly and animated in the finest detail.

With an average click-through rate of 0.85% and of over 2.27% for special formats, more than 160,000 users were led to the landing page over the six-week period that the campaign lasted.



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