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Swisscom «Wingo Remarketing»

The Idea

Wingo is the boisterous, unconventional and rebellious little brother of Swisscom. It helps its big sister to offer more flexibility in the fiercely competitive Swiss Telecom branch because it does without extras such as shops and a hotline. Which makes it the perfect fit for its young, unconventional and urban target group with a desire for self-determination and independence. A tech-savvy target group that feels as comfortable shopping online as in the clothes store and therefore is very familiar with the remarketing mechanisms. So Plan.Net Suisse’s advertising surprises the target group by addressing it as honestly and directly as the brand’s ATL communication. And which reminds potential customers with a wink that now really is the perfect time to choose a Wingo offering. The remarketing is conceived in three steps: For people who have visited the wingo.ch homepage with no further interaction. For all those who have performed a positive availability check for “superfast fibre broadband” but still haven’t signed up. And finally for those individuals who have started the purchase process but not completed it. All in all, a perfect little campaign that does a great job playing ironically with the mechanisms of online marketing.


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