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Swisscom Infinity 2.0

The Idea

Thanks to Switzerland’s best mobile network and the operator’s new NATEL® infinity 2.0 subscriptions, the world is the oyster of Swisscom customers. And they also have endless possibilities for making their day-to-day lives easier and their dreams come true.
Plan.Net Suisse was tasked with designing an online campaign for the new NATEL® infinity 2.0 subscriptions based on the claim “Because you’ve still got big plans” and the key visual of the classic.
With an elaborate 3D animation ad, Plan.Net Suisse really did make the motifs fly and enable the campaign to take wing.
Using pre-rolls, large-format banners and eBoards, Plan.Net’s creatives send users on a voyage of discovery through a world overflowing with possibilities, whose elements artfully assemble into a smartphone in a hand.
It’s a simply stunning way of encouraging Switzerland’s smartphone users to discover the world with Swisscom’s new NATEL® infinity 2.0 subscriptions.


Swisscom (Schweiz) AG