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Swisscom «Cut the cable»

The Idea

Ending a long-term relationship can be tough. Often you just can’t make the break. Perhaps because you’ve signed a binding contract. But now things are completely different: because various TV providers are raising their prices, their customers can finally switch to the one with the most attractive offer (thanks to the special right of termination): to Swisscom TV 2.0.
So the creatives at Plan.Net Suisse called on people to ditch their old TV providers and elope with their new love. A concept that was executed flawlessly and with great charm from the display campaign through the YouTube pre-roll ads to the landing page. The user could even choose between a conventional cancellation letter and one that starts with the words: “We’ve been together for five years now. I really can’t explain how we’ve lasted this long. Somehow you were simply just there.”
The results speak for themselves: the pre-roll ad was watched to the end by 67% of viewers and the overall click-through rate was 0.23%


Swisscom (Schweiz) AG