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Ricola «Glacier mints»


Ricola is Switzerland’s sweet. As an innovative sweet manufacturer, Ricola AG has long since conquered international markets, too. It exports over 40 different herbal sweets and teas to more than 50 countries. The latest variety: Ricola glacier mints. Made from a peppermint plant that only grows in one location worldwide: high above Zermatt, close to glaciers.


Plan.Net Suisse was given the task of creating a microsite to increase awareness of the glacier-fresh sweets in various European markets. The result is a small, quality site for a small, quality sweet. The responsive site took connoisseurs along on a journey of discovery through a wonderfully fresh glacial landscape. There, visitors could familiarise themselves with the unique characteristics of Ricola glacier mints in a fun way.

There was also an exciting competition, which included a gyroscopic effect on mobile, where the task was to track down the rare glacier mints in an impressive glacial landscape. In Switzerland alone, the site recorded a total of 77,447 visits. The dwell time on the competition was almost three minutes. On the basis of this success, the microsite was also implemented by other European markets. 


Ricola AG